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Apellie Legal

4767 New Broad St
PO Box 1871
Orlando, FL 32802-1871
P: (407) 395-4111 | contact@legal.apellie.com

We believe that the practice of law should be a partnership between the attorney and the client, where the client and his or her objectives are the central focus of the representation. We commit to following these guiding principles: Clients will have a direct, personal relationship with their attorney; clients' messages will be answered or returned promptly; clients will be fully informed about the status of their case; clients will have input into every major tactical or strategic decision in their case; the cost of the case will be minimized consistent with requirements; and clients will be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

We are currently representing clients in the following areas: Family Law; Appeals; Real Estate; Litigation. If you are interested in seeing whether or not we can help you with your legal case or problem, please submit an inquiry using the contact form below.

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